Getting Started

Taking your first steps in the world of Conquestia


Our experience can be a little overwhelming at first but we are glad you are here. As we continue to develop we hope to craft an elevated survival experience with an intuitive design. As you get to know each of our handcrafted classes and the deep featureset we’ve incorporated into Conquestia we hope you’ll come to appreciate the level of detail we took in developing the ultimate survival experience.

1. First Steps

Choosing a Race

Each Conquestian is important in their great journey for survival. In our world we have four races to choose from. Each of these races represents one of the major elements or dimensions of Conquestia. While the classes for each race are different, they are extremely similar. Choosing a race shouldn’t be about what classes are available, but which race you identify most with. Once you’ve chosen your race you can come back later and change it, but the reincarnation process can be costly.


Choosing a Class

If you haven’t already, one of the first things you need to do to start your adventure in Conquestia is to select your class. The easiest way to select a class is to pick one in the tutorial, but in case the tutorial isn’t available right now, you will need to find the trainer for the type of class you want to create. The class trainers are available in their respective class halls.

Class Trainer Location
Warrior Class Trainer Hall of Warriors
Mage Class Trainer College of Mages
Rogue Class Trainer The Rogue’s Guild

When you choose a class for the first time, the trainer will talk you through binding your first skills and distributing your attribute points. You can find out more about how heroes classes here.